40 Years!

CW Mill Equipment Co Inc Celebrates 40 Years!

CW Mill Celebrated its 40th Year Anniversary of Incorporation on October 17th, 2013.

CW Mill began building alfalfa pelleting plants for customers which lead to building tub grinders, and by the 1980s, a machine built exclusively for grinding wood waste was on the product roster, and was named HogZilla®, www.hogzilla.com.

As other grinder makers began to query CW about its wear-resistant mill parts for tub & horizontal grinders, CW established its ArmorHog® line and since 2008, it has supplied replacement parts for other brands of tub & horizontal grinders, www.armorhog.com.

It has been responsiveness to those customer requirements that has opened many opportunities in product development over the years.

The downturn in agriculture in the 1980’s led in part to the development and manufacture of CW Mill’s line of hydraulic clutch pump mounting kits in 1986, www.cwkits.com.

The hydraulic clutch pump equips a vehicle with live hydraulics when the engine is running, irrespective of RPMs or gear, with hundreds of kits fitting most ½ through 2-ton class trucks built after 1985. Besides salt spreaders, snow plows, dump bodies, tow trucks and a long list of other hydraulically-driven tools operate thanks to these kits. CW’s kits have evolved into other applications such as AC compressor kits for refrigeration trucks and auxiliary alternator kits.

In 2014, another addition to the product lineup was added. CW began offering DynaHog® Grinder Parts. DynaHog® Parts are high performance grinder parts for swing hammer style tub grinders, horizontal grinders, and other hammermill applications. DynaHog® provides quality hammermill screens, hammers, other parts, and grinder service for Jones, Haybuster, WHO, & Other Brands, www.dynahog.com.

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CW Mill is a proud member of the NTEA – the Association for the Work Truck Industry.



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