Introduction to Rotating Accessory Drive &
Mounting Components

Various mounting and drive components are available to the professional after-market add-on system design industry as system designers create and install their own custom assembly that includes driving an add-on engine accessory from a combustion engine’s rotating crank shaft.

Available components include many variations of brackets, pulleys, belts, idlers, tensioners, spacers, adapters, and a wide range of other components.

Sourcing one or more related components for their custom system project may save considerable time and expense as the system designer defines and develops their entire custom installation as they are faced with evaluating, locating, routing, aligning, and installing all of the components in their whole system in among the existing components of the applicable vehicle or machine.

Due to the custom nature and variation of all add-on systems of this type, no complete system kits are offered by CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc., and any group of parts marketed as a kit is limited to only the individually defined parts in that specific kit. The system designer’s pump, compressor, alternator, generator, or other rotating accessory system components are not included, offered, or fully known by CW Mill. In addition to the absence of the rotating accessory system, other potential components such as additional clamps, brackets, wear liners, hardware, or other items that may be required by the system designer must be identified and supplied by the actual system designer and ultimate installer.

The actual system designer’s own specific fitness determinations are required prior to using any component or kit of components. Trained and experienced installation decision making with technical know-how to apply professional judgement that specifically applies to each individual component, system, and installation is also required. The chosen installers must be qualified and experienced technicians that are familiar with the vehicle and the accessory being mounted as well as the buyer’s whole system design and installation procedures associated with any components and/or kit of components.

The actual complete system designer is responsible for the development and communication of their whole system’s installation procedures, safety precautions, application, and use of the components or component kit in their system, including efforts to always maintain vehicle control and prevent pinch, wear, impact, and/or burn exposure on all hoses, wires, and other parts. Any instructional information provided by CW Mill is related only to the components provided by CW Mill, and that information does not include all of the details required to support a whole system install.

Ultimately, each actual system may vary in addition to vehicle & equipment manufacturer’s assembly tolerances, production changes, and installation variances. The actual system designers and installers must insure fitness and adequate clearance for all components including space for and safe location of the fan, radiator, all lines, and all wires. They must also plan and inspect for possible movement, vibration, pinch points, friction points, heat exposure and/or shifting of any and all components such as hoses, wires, and all other components including those that may otherwise be considered non-moving and/or unaffected by their installation.
December 1, 2015

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